Artist Statement

I am inspired by the structures and patterns found in nature. My fascination with the  architecture of nature has also fueled my obsession with natural  oddities– when the pattern or structure is interrupted or distorted in someway.  I look at plant and animal skeletons, rocks, crystals, insects, and  microscopic organisms. By observing and manipulating these  complex symmetries and asymmetries I can design my own patterned structures- my own personal architecture. The process of hand weaving these forms  and patterns allows me to build up imagery and construct the physical cloth from the bottom up, putting myself in the role of the architect. Through this fiber lens and the system of interlacing threads, I can create a new type of woven visual language—an  intersection of pictorial pattern and weaving as mark making.


Cristina Morales was born in Miami, Florida. She received her BFA in General Fine Arts in the spring of 2014 at The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. A multidisciplinary artist who works in fibers, drawing and printmaking, Morales takes inspiration from structures and patterns of the natural world around her. She lives and works in Baltimore.

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